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The Good News Is…I’m Not on the No-Fly List

Posted by PintofStout on March 4, 2008

That isn’t the only good news – I’m finally starting to write down my vacation journal from our recent Ireland trip. I have journal entries that I wrote on the airplanes on the trip over and one long entry from the flight back, but everything in between went undocumented in the journal due to being very busy vacationing. So, I’ll start this by transcribing what I already have written down, then I’ll either insert my thoughts with a day-by-day account of the trip chronologically before the already transcribed thoughts on the return trip, or put it all in as it currently exists and fill the holes afterwards. Either way, I’ll denote clearly which is which.

[As written in my paper journal]

Ireland Trip Journal

January 16-23, 2008

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