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Not All Doom and Gloom

Posted by PintofStout on November 12, 2007

It may come as a surprise to many of my readers, but I don’t drink copious amounts of beer, such as my moniker suggests, because of the state of the world (though it helps!). No, most of the time when drinking outside of my home it is usually for the reason of listening to live music. If I’m drinking for the buzz, why not do it with some rhythm? Sometimes I go out simply for the sake of promoting it and/or contributing what I can.

Live local music drives a great deal of my social life. I’ve gotten to know some pretty amazing and interesting people in and around the bands that we frequently see. It has gotten to the point at Kelly’s in Bridgewater, PA, that on Tuesday nights the entire left side of the bar is full of what seems like a reunion. A___ and I are always invited to join a table or two and the service staff knows us by name and drink! It is this atmosphere and the approachability of the musicians in places such as this that is a major attraction for me. None of the bands or musicians we see are too “big,” but they are big enough. I’d sort of like to change that a little, since some of them make their living from playing in bars and other such venues. So this is a post to promote and share these favorites. Read the rest of this entry »


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