Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Outdoor Photos

Horseback ride through part of Allegheny National Forest for A__’s birthday 2004

Birthday Ride 1Birthday Ride 2Birthday Ride 3

A__’s pictures of the sun setting on North America as viewed from Central California. We like photos of sunsets and sunrises, as will be apparent in our photos.

California Sunset 2California Sunset 3California Sunset 4California Sunset 1 California Sunset 5California Sunset 6California Sunset 7

Some experimenting with the camera settings during a fall camping trip.

Fall Camping 1Fall Camping 2Fall Camping 3Fall Camping 4

Some shots of a Sunrise while in Florida in 2004.

Florida Sunrise 1Florida Sunrise 2Florida Sunrise 3Florida Sunrise 4Florida Sunrise 5

Cabin Trip 2003, Corbin Cabin, Shenandoah National Park, VA.

Cabin Trip 03_1 Cabin Trip 03_2Cabin Trip 03_3Cabin Trip 03_4Cabin Trip 03_5

Cabin Trip 2004, Conley Cabin, Vining Tract, VA. (Just outside SNP).

Cabin Trip 04_1 Cabin Trip 04_2Cabin Trip 04_3

Pictures from the beautiful McConnell’s Mills in PA, a treat for geology enthusiasts.

McConnell’s Mills 1 Cabin Trip 03_6

Little Stoney Man, Shenandoah National Park, VA.

Shenandoah 1Shenandoah 2Shenandoah 3Shenandoah 4

New Hampshire for PorcFest 2005.

NH 1NH 2NH 3NH 4NH 5NH 6NH 7NH 8NH 9NH 10NH 11NH 12NH 13NH 14NH 15NH 16NH 17NH 18NH 19NH 20NH 21

Our honeymoon (sorta) to Ireland. The pictures won’t do it justice.

Ireland 1Ireland 2Ireland 3Ireland 4Ireland 5Ireland 6Ireland 7Ireland 8Ireland 9Ireland 10Ireland 11Ireland 1Ireland 14Ireland 13Ireland 15Ireland 17

Ireland 16

The view from our backyard.

Our Backyard 1Our Backyard 4Our Backyard 5Our Backyard 6

Also this one, this one,

Random photos.

Random 4 Random 5Random 6Random 7

Also this one and this one




4 Responses to “Outdoor Photos”

  1. Great shots. I’ve actually been to McConnell’s Mills but the extent of my knowledge of geology came from taking Bonehead Geology for non-majors from a guy who as a fanatic. It was a great class.

  2. Hans said

    great pics, was looking for nice nature photo’s when google brought me here :), really nice area.

    greetings from Netherlands

  3. resistmuch1976 said

    I might be the first to notice that, in the first campfire pic, the smoke looks like an evil Mickey Mouse. You should send it to Enquirer. You might get published, man.

  4. Danielle said

    Hey Jeff whats up??? Not much here I havenet talk to ya for awhile. Give me a call Love ya Danielle

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