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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Selected Posts From Obscurity III: 2007 Bygone

Posted by PintofStout on February 4, 2009

The previous two times I put together the compilation posts (found here and here) I never covered a whole year.  This time it is different in that I was able to include a whole year – a calendar year, no less!  The following are posts from 2007 (listed chronologically) that I feel are some of my better posts.  The choices we’re difficult and I was surprised by some I chose to include and equally surprised by some I chose to exclude.  Needless to say, there is plenty to be read in the archives that would be well worth the time to look for it.

The  first post of the year to be chosen concerned a fairly large event – the hanging of Saddam Hussein.  Saddam Hangs…Video at 11 is a commentary on the nature of government and force on a mass scale.

The next selected posts takes a different tack; instead of looking outward to examine the world, I looked inward to myself.  What Lies Beneath the Foamy Head of the ‘Stout? is a pretty succinct analysis of myself and some labels I always try to self-apply.

Back to the external evaluations, I commented on a series of NPR stories about underground economies.  This post got good responses, like many of the posts of this time period – probably because I posted more frequently.  Underground Agorism: A Contradiction That Needs Fixed and the subsequent post, The Black and Blue of Black and Gray Markets, all revolve around the same book and various media outlets reviews and discussion about it.

Bread and circuses have nothing on a Gourmet PB&J, a post about expectation and being sold short.  This one triggered discussion on and off the blog.

Of all the posts picked from 2007 (and all the posts written since this blogs inception),  Tearing Down the Wall Between Church and State is probably pretty high in the running as an all-time favorite.  I am tickled at the concept I discuss and the point I make, especially in regard to the title.  I also think I did a fairly good job at conveying this concept in this post; thus, a favorite.

The concept discussed in Anarchy: Much More Than Nothing is held in equally high regard and expounded upon further in subsequent posts (that may not have made this list).  I have included this post because it was originally written for another blog and reading it is like watching the idea formulate and coalesce into something right before your eyes.

Collander Accuses Kettle of Not Holding Water (Also Black Adds the Pot) was a exploration of the relationship between concepts and the reality in which we attempt to apply them.  Specifically, it was questioning my job and my role in contributing to the State in some way.

The concept explored in Have Job, Will Power was slightly tongue-in-cheek, but I had my fingers crossed, as well.  I had just read Hemingway and was attempting to emulate his style in the opening paragraph.  A fun read, IMO.

This next post I’m not including for the post itself so much as the faux narrative of the fake home improvement book I put in the comments.  If a Blogger Blogs Amongst The Noise and Nobady Hears It, Is He Really Writing? is just another examination of the egoistic nature of this forum.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly – or even sporadically – knows I use a LOT of metaphor.  Stale as Office Coffee is one extended metaphor regarding elections, hope, and change.  There are several posts in 2007 and 2008 in this same vein (with different metaphors) due to the presidential election circus.

Like my introspection in the second post listed above, “Identity” Theives: The Joke Is On Them! is an exploration of identity and the dialectical opposite mistaken for identity in our serialized world.

In yet another post about the election, Meanwhile Down at the Crossroads expounds upon the old fable of selling one’s soul to the devil, and explains why it would be better to deal with the devil than candidates for public office.

Finally, in a post that put kind of a fun spin to a more serious topic, No Votes For Non-Believers is included because I found the writing clever.

Even after better than a year, I still find it hard to narrow them down to just a dozen or so posts that deserve to be labeled “best of”;  but here they are.  It is my hope that a brand new home for this blog would come online before I find the need to post another entry.  All I need is the time to work it out, Iguess.  Keep your eyes and browers peeled for that announcement.  In the mean time, read up; it’s on me!


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