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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

New (Old) Favorites

Posted by PintofStout on January 6, 2009

Happy New Year, all!  In the past, I have done the blogging equivalent to the flashback episode or the live album by posting some of the better posts from the past.  I always had to wait until sufficient time had passed to lessen my own biases, since I was the only one picking them.  Now it is about time to start into another such post – this time equivalent to a double-live album since it will cover the longest period of any of the previous two.

I would like to enlist the help of the few regular readers (and any passers-by) to help pick out some favorites from 2007.  I will still be picking some myself, but outside input will attenuate the egotistic self-indulgent feelings a bit.  Just list your selections in the comments (and perhaps why you chose them) and I’ll include them.



7 Responses to “New (Old) Favorites”

  1. Sunni said

    I would like to help you in this, my friend, but I’m having a problem which I suspect is why a similar request from me quite some time ago netted no responses: although I do enjoy your blog a lot, and find much of value here, I don’t keep enough details in memory to be able to identify best posts, etc. And every time I’ve been by lately, I’ve been in a rush and so haven’t had time to leisurely look back through posts or even tags to try to find the ones I’d recommend from 2007 (or did you mean 2008? Either way, the time issue is the same). Sorry!

  2. I completely understand. I don’t usually expect many result or results at all, but I still put it out there.

    In other news, I’ve been trying for about a week to migrate this blog to Drupal on my new site (to be announces as soon as there is something to announce) without success. It seems the import modules for WordPress don’t like me at all. So, I think I may just install WordPress and keep trying the other when I have time. Sigh.

  3. Sunni said

    If you have PGP capability I can see if my TechDeity can walk you through the problem …

  4. Thanks, Sunni. I may get back to you on that, but, like you said, I am quite busy at the moment. I wasn’t able to squeeze the move in the small amount of time I had (including a stint into 5 AM Friday night/Saturday morning), so it is put off until gap in the schedule.

    Oh, and I did mean 2007. Since I end up picking the posts on my own, I require sufficient time for them to clear the memory or else all the recent stuff is my favorite!

  5. Sunni said

    When you get another window of time, then, and if you want to explore it, my offer will still be open.

    And thanks for the clarification on the year. I seem to be somewhat the opposite of you—none of my recent writings seem up to snuff.

  6. Yeah, in my case, with time and separation comes objectivity. In the recent stuff I still read what I meant to write rather than what was actually written.

  7. thesofine said


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