Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

The Distance To and From

Posted by PintofStout on September 23, 2008

A poem in two days about my weekend. Other poetry can be found off-site at Anonymous Trout’s Fish Wrap.

Distance: Part I


I found myself far from my everyday, looking past the dark silhouettes of trees

To the darker expanse of the heavens brought to light by the penetrating

and enlightening darkness.


This is how night was meant to be

The night that brought us our folklore. Our gods.

And Keplar.


The depth of the darkness transfixed me

Until I stared at the heavens through the gap and tried to feel

My planet move.



Alas, the magnificently modest fire extinguished

all but the brightest stars and shrunk my Universe

to human scale.


I cracked open another cold one and huddled deeper into my hoodie

To contemplate the chemistry of combustion. Brewing.



The fire breathed and pulsed very relaxed. Unhurried.

I stared deeper and deeper into the glowing coals

And ever deeper into myself.




Distance: Part II


The tiny dirt path wound over the invisible contours

Like a hologram that is only seen plainly from

Certain perspectives.


The green and golden ferns tenderly covered the hills like moss

Giving shelter to chipmunks small, and for the trees so tall

Holding ground.


Through this shady cathedral we cruised with fleet feet

Stride after easy stride toward no particular end but where

We began.


Distance behind us grew greater as distance afore us diminished

And the physical beauty gave way to body aches and thoughts that turned



Now the distance has vanished like a flash of a falling meteor

My everyday has returned and left only aches to mark the distance

to me.


6 Responses to “The Distance To and From”

  1. anahitathepurebloodprincess said

    excellent poem… you’re really talented. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks Anahita,

    You make me blush!

  3. resistmuch1976 said

    Very nice. I think of Abbey.

    Many thanks, by the way, for making no mention of the ineffable farts and snores. Allow me to be so crass.

  4. Sunni said

    Very nice. Superb imagery. However (and you knew this was coming, I’ll bet), the correct verb is “shrank” [yes, I cannot stand that stupid movie that has led to many people forgetting the proper past tense of “to shrink”].</grammarian>

  5. I have to confess, Sunni, that I wouldn’t have caught that. I’m not as big a grammarian as I once was (and verb tense was never a strong point). I’m debating going back to change it, now. Hmmm…

  6. thesofine said

    I’m all shrunked up.

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