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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

The Endless Summer of Joy

Posted by PintofStout on August 12, 2008

Who am I kidding?  The endless summer mentioned in the title came to a screeching halt…well, I can’t say when, so maybe it wasn’t screeching after all.  I did push on through and finished a bunch of landscaping right before work has monopolized much of my free time, so there’s that sense of accomplishment.  And it isn’t even like I am not still riding a wave.  I’m just too busy to notice.

It rained a lot in June.  It even rained a lot in July.  August is off to a fine start as well.  Our garden is threatening to take over the yard and we’re barricading ourselves in the house (Feed me, Seymour!).  Some of what we intended – the little stick in the plant said so – to be yellow squash turned out to be acorn squash, which is not a nice stationary plant like the intended residents.  A tangled, viney squash orgy broke out in the back of the garden, and if the several viney plants didn’t croak from something (I’ll assume exhaustion), I may have wheelbarrows full of acorn squash right now.  As it is we managed about a dozen (that I could find yet).  Our tomatoes, too, had grown to be about six-foot tall with all the rain.  They have since been weighed down with burgeoning fruit which have yet to make it out of the garden before being devoured.  Yeah, everything is coming along nicely.

If there were still stuff to do – and there is; there always is – it would be going unfinished.  Between the waning daylight and the the waxing workload, I feel lucky to see the overgrown garden by sunlight by the time I return home.  Perhaps it is times like these that are the troughs I referred to in the previous post.  I have not plunged into the muddy bottom, but merely see less horizon now.  My time constraints and my mood have also hindered my writing output, as anyone still bothering to look has known.  I thought I could keep up with volume while dropping some quality, but I either have high standards or was just too busy to even write total crap (this post should clear this question up nicely).  I thought I could reproduce a similar mindset as mild depression and a paranoid scepticism by simply staying awake late.  Except you actually have to stay awake.  Rather than write, I have been reading.  I’ve been reading into some thoughts on the soul and picking up some more Abbey ( why haven’t you read any of him yet?).  And why haven’t you posted some thoughts about the soul in the “My Soul is a Black Hole” comments?  Oh, I see.  I’m the only one who feels guilty for not showing up for over a month, while you have no responsibility at all?  Well, I’d continue to rave like a lunatic, but I must sleep now.  Enjoy the couch, Mr. and/or Mrs. Where-Have-You-Been?


4 Responses to “The Endless Summer of Joy”

  1. Sunni said

    Hooray for garden excesses—they’re the best kind of excesses (well, that can be discussed publicly), sez I!

    You probably already know this, but squashes will keep very well for quite some time in a cool, darkish place. My favorite way of storing them longer-term is to roast them, then use my immersion blender to make a purée, and freeze it. It’s marvelous for pies, muffins … anything that calls for canned pumpkin.

    Maybe we can trade some squashes for some blackberry products; that might be the only crop we get results from this year.

  2. Endless Summer was a great Beach Boys compilation.

    Allow me to offer a suggestion for some of your summer bounty. Click my name.

    Eating veggies still warm from the afternoon sun is a luxury……..

  3. George said

    Its good to see you writing, even if it is only in short bursts. You have to start somewhere. Just so you know, I generally check two or three times a week to see if you have written anything. The truth is out there…somewhere…I think…maybe.

  4. I can’t honestly say I haven’t been writing at all. I have been keeping a little journal that I write in after every chapter of this book I’m reading; just introspective stuff. I guess I’ll just call the long break the summer sabbatical (I’m not even Jewish!). Keep searching for that truth, or reaching for that rainbow, or climbing every mountain….

    TWC, only a lucky few grape tomatoes have actually made it out of the garden, they are bite-size, after all.

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