Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Wrapping Things Up

Posted by PintofStout on April 17, 2008

Just like the Penguins closed out their first playoff series win in too many years, I have made the final touches on a dynamite (if I don’t say so myself!) exploration of, or more rightly for, my soul.  This finished post will kick off the virtual mixer where we can discuss our different conceptions of spirit and the soul until we have a few cocktails and the conversation spirals from philosophy into politics and finally settles on the “I love you, man”  drunkenness of a different kind of spirit.  I have my Nadurra all ready to go.

The finished product will post around 4 or 5 pm EDT on Saturday.  This is just a reminder.

Again, if anyone would like to contribute or opine, drop by and leave a comment.  If unable to attend Saturday night, comments could always be posted later or sent to me early to post.  I hope to see everyone there.


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