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An Inquery into the Soul

Posted by PintofStout on April 4, 2008

Back in January Sunni had a little virtual party wherein many people contributed content and thoughts on one topic. (The actual content posts can be found here and here.) The topic was broad and open to a wide interpretation: “A Spirit Breaking Free.” In a comment to her announcement I voiced concern for not really knowing what spirit was. That was as good a point as any to mark the genesis of this particular mental exploration.

What I’m proposing for a path through this exploration is similar to what Sunni did. I would like for people (or non-people, if you’re reading) to send in their own content to explore what the soul is to them. With any luck, the result will be a discussion of spirituality from multiple points of view.

I would like to have a kick-off party for this event, say, the evening of Saturday, April 19th. I will attempt to keep this post at or near the top (and possibly make a separate page for it) until then, at which point I will post my contribution to kick this off.

Reader content can be placed in the comments section. If there are more than three hyperlinks in the text it will get flagged as spam or marked for moderation, but I will get to it and make sure it goes through. If you anticipate this happening, an email to me ahead of time may expedite the process of getting it through the filter. Also, if for some reason you may not be available to post during the kick-off and would like it to happen then, email me the content and I can post it with attribution or anonymity. Anonymous comments are allowed at Murphy’s Bye-Laws. The email to reach me is <redacted>.

I hope to see everyone there and look forward to this interesting discussion.  Don’t forget to spread the word and invite friends and family!


4 Responses to “An Inquery into the Soul”

  1. Sunni said

    What an intriguing subject to ponder! I’ll do my best to have something to contribute.

  2. I may have been less-than-clear on what I am actually trying to discuss here. Not surprising with such an amorphous topic as soul and spirit, though, right?

    I hear people talk – myself included – about soul or spirit in contexts outside of classic religion and I wonder what we talk about. As an atheist and (mostly) materialist, I am searching for the essence behind the assigned language shorthand of the terms “soul” or “spirit.” Even people of faith use the terms for a shorthand for something, though I think their something is far less complex than my something for obvious reasons.

    Does that help anyone, or am I still speaking in tongues?

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  4. Presto said

    I’ve posted some thoughts on this subject here. I would have liked to have written more, but I ran out ot time and have had a great deal of trouble with my internet connection lately.

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