Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Risky Work

Posted by PintofStout on February 1, 2008

This morning I skated across my deck, gingerly tread the stairs down to the car, and found my car encased in ice like a prehistoric beast churned up by an ancient glacier.  If I were sane, I would have turned around, braved the icy deck, and stayed home at least for a few hours.  But our culture finds that unacceptable.  We wouldn’t want the economy to collapse, now would we?

Sure, I could have stayed home anyway, but there is some invisible bayonet pushing us into our cars and down the highway.  That invisible bayonet is debt.  So we continue to walk a plank and put ourselves at unnecessary risk in order to appease the master.  I don’t mean to imply that we should hole up anytime a little weather rolls in; after all, there is risk in everything.  Instead, there should be some flexibility in our work habits that will never be present until the debt trap is broken.  Sigh.  Now to drive back.


6 Responses to “Risky Work”

  1. Sunni said

    Hope you made it back safely, and have a nice weekend.

  2. thesofine said

    dude. you should have stayed home.

  3. resistmuch1976 said

    that guy from the Dunkin Donuts commercial must have had some serious debt then. thank god for that, huh?

  4. thesofine said

    Dude. So I was thinking about this post the other night. I started thinking about the old Maslow’s Hierarchy and how it may apply to this particular dilema. One could argue that the need to pay off debt is a very high need (self-esteem vs. self-actualization). I would argue that the need to fulfill this relatively abstract concept of debt is a problem-solving attempt in an effort to create (ie, a home for you and your family, a fulfilling career, buying expensive whisky and barfing in your beard, etc). And just like Maslow said a long time ago, the need for self-actualization supercedes primitive needs (food, sex, etc).

    So, congrats on your depressing self-actualization. You, just like everyone with a functioning brain, are doomed to a life a miserable melancholy. But hey, I know you were already aware of this sordid truth.

  5. That’s some deep insight for a post that was intended mainly for the description of conditions that morning. Can I be actualized while in debt, or only when it is paid for?

    I think my problem with the debt and work thing lies mainly in restrictions to my freedom that they entail (as expressed at Sunni’s blog a few posts ago). They are like giant chains locked to my feet. Its almost enough to make you want to drink horrible grocery-store whiskey and barf in your beard.

    How are things in Bangkok?

  6. thesofine said

    Bangkok is sweet. You would love it here, dude.

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