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I’m After Me Lucky Charms

Posted by PintofStout on January 16, 2008

(Updated links below!)

For the second time in five years, A___ and I have taken the cheap off-season bait of Aer Lingus and are making our way to the Emerald Isle. We enjoyed our trip the first time, though it was short and quite limited. When we returned from that trip we knew we’d go back and be more thorough, but we didn’t know when. It was one of those timeless goals that toe the line between wishful thinking and whimsical fantasy.

This trip wasn’t planned. The deal was passed on to us, almost in jest, and expired in a about 7 days. Five days later we were booked. I guess we figured we’d seize the opportunity while our life circumstances allowed. Who knows, in a year or even six months our situation could be completely different and hostile to leisurely travel. Carpe Diem, indeed.

I’m not writing this to tell everyone that I won’t be posting for a week – that wouldn’t be all that odd. (In fact, if I stopped altogether, the people who would notice couldn’t fill all the seats in a large SUV.) I am writing to point any readers to where I will be contributing in my absence. Sunni is throwing a party to celebrate one small victory. I have made my contribution, which will be posted by Sunni for the party. Click on over and check it out, participate even.

Update: The original link to the “party” with links to other contributors victories is here.   My contribution in a subsequent post is here.


6 Responses to “I’m After Me Lucky Charms”

  1. thesofine said

    You the man!! Have fun, guys.

  2. resistmuch1976 said

    Dude. You left your Lucky Charms at Aunt Shawn’s on Christmas. She just called to let me know. Thought I’d rub it in a bit, but hope you had fun anyway.

  3. thesofine said

    Dude. I hope you had a nice Irish Holiday!!

  4. Magnificent! More about it to come later. I have a lot of writing ahead of me to rehash this trip. It will be out on video by next week, hopefully.

  5. Sooo jealous! Have fun! Can you bring me back two more sheep?

  6. You’re too late; we’ve been back for a week. I don’t think it would clear customs anyway.

    Have you guys thought about Shamrock Fest at all?

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