Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau


Posted by PintofStout on September 19, 2007

There are a few additions to announce. First, there is now a lower-case b___. Congrats to B____ and A_____ on their new healthy child. He can be throwing little tiny fists in the air in no time at all, and little tiny fists are better than none.
I am also adding to the blogfood menu with some long-overdue blogs and sites. First, a splendid way to keep up with a wide variety of blogs is through aggregation sites such as Beyond looking at everything in one place, sometimes you need to have a “best of” list. This where the first edition to the menu comes in. Tom Ender has a weekly review of articles and tidbits from all over the web that may be interesting to individualists. I have a reminder delivered to my inbox, which you can sign up for at Similarly, a web portal to a very large array of blogs by self-described Left-Libertarians can be found at The Blogsphere of the Libertarian Left, a webring. I think I tried to join and would add the sidebar graphic if I can figure out how in WordPress.

There are a host of blogs that I read from occasionally to daily that I’ve thus far been too lazy to add to the blog roll. Among them are Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism by Kevin Carson; Free Association by Sheldon Richman; freeman’s interweblogosaur by The libertarian critter; In the Libertarian Labyrinth, an archiving of many important texts by Shawn Wilbur; Independent Country by James Leroy Wilson; and finally out of step by Wally Conger. <Editing to add Per Bylund, one of my favorite authors from Strike the Root and a few other places>.  Not squarely in the libertarian camp but with significant overlaps via a leftish outlook, I give you Scholars and Rogues. It is well written and occasionally manages to not shill too obviously for the establishment. On all these sites are also several very good links as well.

For group action, there is the Get Your Hands Dirty forum centered (very loosely) around individualism and self-reliance. This forum is a fun place to learn and network with some …unique…individuals that sort of evolved out of The Claire File Forums (now The Mental Militia Forum). Many of the participants there also have blogs: Jac’s (or Jacques’) Blog and My Quiet Mountain Town by “Brenda” are the two that are fairly new that come to mind. A few others have been in the blogroll for a while. There is also another splinter group, the LeftLibertarian2 Yahoo group, which sprung from a previous group. This place is chock full of worthy and intellectual discussion by some of the premier minds in libertarian thought and philosophy.

And to wrap up, we have a subtraction on the blogroll. Claire Wolfe, the writer who brought us 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution is hanging up the cyber gloves and looking inward. I wish her peace, enlightenment, and happiness.


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