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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Selected Posts from Obscurity

Posted by PintofStout on July 6, 2007

I have gone back in the archives to try and separate the wheat from the chaff in my older posts in an attempt to have some of my earlier stuff read. I use the random button a lot to randomly pull stuff up and see if the separation of time allows me to critically analyze my writing skills. It works to some degree, but I still look for some critique of my writing to see what progress all this practice has wrought.

So here are 15 of my most relevant or favorite posts (listed chronologically) bringing us up to the end of September 2006. I fear if I tried to include anything newer I may try to put them all in; I just need more distance on those. Any analysis or suggestions that may propel me to higher quality writing – independent of subject matter – is welcomed. There are many posts in the archives to explore as well.

Revolution Comes Back Around : This was my first post that I did any sort of writing on Anarchy that was original.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go ♪ ♪ ♪ : A little rough and incomplete when I read it now, but it still has its merits.

Bend Over and Open Wide Mr. Eskimo : Not a stunning piece of writing, but relevant for current discussions.

Race to the End : A look at labels and marginalization.

Taxing My Patience : Putting on the accountant hat.

A Cocktail of Thoughts on DUI Law with a Splash of Philosophy : This post comes up all the time in my discussion revolving around a plethora of topics. It is also a major reason B___ is a contributor to the Bye-Laws.

Freedom Starts with Navel-Gazing : This post has been the foundation of many subsequent posts on this blog. I always meant to rewrite it or elaborate on it since it was done in haste, but this is one of my best and favorite on the Bye-Laws.

Boobification : The first off-shoot of the Navel-gazing post. A post about trying not to stare and why I still can’t help it.

Freeophobia (Fear of Freedom) : A post to try and summarize and review the book that spawned the navel-gazing.

The “What-Abouts” : This covers a topic that arises in most discussions I have, and one I haven’t read in a while. I forgot it was this relevant.

Sacrificial Shepherds : This post got linked at

Me, Bobbie McGee and the Slippy Slope of Freedom N’at : Freedom is just another word for nothin’ left to lose.

Freedom’s Negative Means and Positive Ends : This was the first post I tried to write to attempt to submit to other sites. I only sent it to one and was rejected (and dejected). It was a pinnacle of my writing skills at the time, but still a midpoint overall, it turns out.

On Being a Gaseous Person : A good hard look at myself.

This is My Rifle…(Part 1; Physics) : This post actually involved some research and time, something the vast majority of my posts don’t enjoy. It is still waiting for a part 2, which is still in the noggin.


5 Responses to “Selected Posts from Obscurity”

  1. Pint of Stout,

    As one of my only remaining friends, you know how I feel about you. I spent several days and completely looked at your blog for the first time and I have to say “Wow!” You have written a lot of stuff, and there is much of it that I have found quite enjoyable (This Is My Rifle, Race to the End, etc.)

    The question I have for you is this: for someone who appreciates personal freedom, upholds the virute of personal responsibility (as I so well know you do…I would trust few more than you with my own life in fact), and asks for no handouts or charity, how can you write about freedom and such topics while at a job that depends on the state and all of its’ bullshit laws and regulations for its very existence?

    I work for the establishment as well, so I struggle with the same question. But the question is valid for both of us…is it hyprocritcal to bash the system when it provides for our very livelihoods and lifestyles? I am struggling with this question and I would like to read your response to it. Please, do not be insulted by this questions…you are one of the few people I can still talk to like this without offending. I would have called, but my cell phone is dead. Just tell me what you think and read nothing into the question itself.

    Beaver County Go Bragh!

    Ohio Oracle

  2. Mr. Orifice…er…Oracle,

    Yeah, I’ve put in some time writing. I think it has paid some dividends on my writing ability, but I am seriously biased.

    The question you raised is definitely something I have thought about quite a bit. No offense taken, and it’s about time you read some of this garbage I’ve been landfilling here. I discussed this very question briefly with someone else in a similar field and with similar attitudes but have never laid it out really well.

    To briefly address the comment (I’ll try and post something more relevant in the coming week or so), I believe my business would exist in the absence of government, as would yours. Unless people cease to be educated or stop requiring sewage treatment, I think we would still have some gainful employment. The fact that the government is involved in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things is something I don’t have direct control of, nor do doctors, or educators, or manicurists, or hair stylists, but that doesn’t make these things unnecessary or unwanted, just harder to get and more expensive.

    There are ways to completely separate oneself from the intrusive government, but I guess that is where my moderation kicks in. A person more extreme than myself could do it, but I’m not there yet (if ever).

  3. thesofine said


    Many people ask me, “What is the intrinsic quality of life? What is the meaning of life? Where is the value in life? What is the purpose of life?”

    The meaning of life is to fulfill one’s duties and be responsible. In the journey of life – from birth, to old age, to death – every person plays different roles. You may be a supervisor, an employee, and asshole, as well as a friend. All of these are duties – ethical relationships shared between people.

    So Nostradumbass, fulfill your duty and go f$*# yourself!!

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