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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Mmmm… Cake

Posted by B_____ on February 27, 2007

I read with amazement that some food is bad for you and in a major way.  I had no idea that the twelve layer chocolate/brownie/heavy cream and sugar cake I was eating with that scoop of ice cream was bad for me.

What really amazes me is how little regard some people have for individual choice and the marketplace.  If you look at some of the cherry picked items described in the article it becomes very obvious that those items are probably very bad for you.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest wants to makes sure that we all understand exactly what is contained in items on restaurant menus.  They also want to make sure we do lots of things to keep us “safe” from “epidemics” and they are perfectly willing to suggest that the state be used as a bludgeon to force the marketplace to confess to the horrible sin of that high calorie chocolate sauce.  If people were really so interested in nutritional information then the marketplace would react.

It seems that in almost every situation there is an organization seeking to force a government somewhere to take action when there is anything dangerous going on.  By danger I mean buying an item at a grocery store, walking down the street, playing baseball with your children and a myriad of other every day things that are deemed potentially unsafe.  We need FDAs, USDAs, CPSCs, local heath boards, inspectors, prognosticators, philosophers and (my personal favorite) busy body parents to protect us and our children from danger around every corner. 

I personally prefer the danger.  It makes me feel so much more alive when I eat my Oreo, ride my bike without a helmet and buy spinach.  You can be sure that somewhere some city council, State Board of HelpingYouBeABetterPerson or Federal Agency is looking to regulate such dangers in my life. 


4 Responses to “Mmmm… Cake”

  1. Bugaboo said

    I almost totally agree with you.

    However, one part of me wonders what I would do if I ever got really sick at a restaurant (or worse, one of my family members got sick or died). Would it upset me to find out that the joint had never been inspected?

    On the other hand, restaurants are all inspected, at huge expense, and people still get sick… so what are you gonna do?

  2. You’re right, Bug…Buga…Boo…Bugaboo. The main misconception about restaurant inspection seems to be that they only keep sanitary facilities because they are told to. Granted there are probably places that would do the absolute minimum to keep from ruining their food, but even they don’t want to make people sick. How good is that for business?

  3. B_____ said

    I tend to think that if there wasn’t government inspection that businesses and insurance underwriters would get together and create a private organization that would perform a similar function probably better and more efficiently. I’m not against the inspection of restaurants I’m just against the inherent waste, fraud and lack of respect for the individual that goes along with government intervention in the marketplace.

  4. Jeremy said

    What really sucks is that we have to justify what we EAT now as a lifestyle choice. Eating Oreos doesn’t make one (at least, me) alive. Doing what you want to without being treated like a human resource unit that the government/corporate/academic complex wants you to be – now THAT’s living.

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