Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

RecessiveGenes To Show His Dominance

Posted by PintofStout on January 31, 2007

Murphy’s Bye-Laws has held its own in the blogsphere since its inception. We had a good month in November with the Early and Often series of posts, and we solicited many hits from the Saddam Hangs post (I bet all those people searching for “Saddam Hangs Video” were pretty disappointed…and will be again [maniacal laughing and hand rubbing]). But these last few weeks have seen B__ and I succumbing to an avalanche of work and deadlines and the blog has suffered for it. It is exactly for this reason that I wanted to bring some friends on board to write and keep the blog in new material.

I am happy to introduce RecessiveGenes (not sure how he’ll spell or punctuate his name, so I guessed). An extremely bright and well-read recovering investment adviser, ‘Genes will bring valuable opinion and experience to the pages of Murphy’s Bye Laws. B__ and I’s bio of RecessiveGenes is on the About page. Hopefully soon, his first post might find its way to the front page. Welcome aboard, RecessiveGenes.


One Response to “RecessiveGenes To Show His Dominance”

  1. RecessiveGenes said

    Happy to be aboard this ship. It is certainly not a ship of fools, but maybe a car of idiots as Gary Larson drew.

    I would love to be going on the Penn brewery tour, but I will nonetheless be enjoying the company of friends this weekend while watching the “Big Game.” (Don’t know if any NFL lawyers are reading The Bye-Laws).

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