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The Naked News

Posted by PintofStout on January 5, 2007

What is with the fascination and hypocrisy about seeing the obscenity of certain events while sometimes condemning similar events perpetrated by different folks or even condemning the events while drooling over the video like jackals over a ravaged corpse.  I’m not shedding any tears for Saddam; he was an evil man who wielded the false authority of government in a more open and violent way in Iraq than we’re used to seeing here in America.  But what makes clamoring for – even celebrating – a video of someone being systematically executed less condemning than say photographing such an event or snapping photos of prisoners in compromising positions?  They are obviously just filling a demand.  That’s how a market works, right?  People want to see gory videos of disturbed acts and so somebody fulfills that demand.

It always cracks me up when the media harangues about perverts praying on children while the perverts of the media eat up the stories and are consumed by them.  There is a whole show to watch how some people are partially deceived into trying to have sexual exploits with children?  Trying to manipulate someone into an act that would take advantage of them in some manner is disturbing.  That is why manipulating someone into the act of manipulating is just as disturbing.  These shows and news stories are on the air not because there is an outrage, but because they are sexy.  Disturbing, huh?  If there is some implication of a moderately attractive woman (in our mainstream that tends to be young white girls) being kidnapped and who-knows-what-else that story is plastered all over the news.  The media simply sells us low-grade porn.

The outrage and discussion of why Saddam’s hanging is being viewed by millions is similar to covering our eyes while leaving the gap between our fingers wide open.  The appetite of the masses for the gore and violence and sex in the media may point to some real repression of strong desires.  Is it any wonder that with appetites like that, we end up with the perversions we do by way of government, war, and news?


2 Responses to “The Naked News”

  1. George Flevares said

    Schadenfraude and bloodlust. These two concepts may not explain all the fascination that people have with such events, but they might explain much of it. People tune into the Dateline shows that expose pedophiles hoping to score because watching these men squirm when caught on tape makes people laugh. Inspite of the condemnation people hold for sexual predators, NBC has produced several installmants of this Dateline series.

    Regarding news, especially television news, there is the apt adage “If it bleeds, it leads.” This speaks volumes about the bloodlust people have for hearing about homicides, war, and, in the case of deposed dictators, executions. A few years ago when the grisly images of a Uday and Qusay Hussein were shown on TV, there was a great hue and cry (as there often is)over how gruesome the images were. Yet, if the pictures were not shown, many people would have clamored for proof that Saddam’s sons were dead.

    When passing by the scene of a car crash, too many drivers get off of the primary task of focusing on the road so that they can rubberneck. The driver finds it difficult to avert his eyes, much like the outraged people who sneak a peek when covering their eyes.

  2. George, I’m glad you stopped by. Thanks for the comment.

    I had most of your comments in mind while writing this post. I guess I was trying to call out the hypocrisy of the news and people who clamor about the acts themselves, yet are downright fiends when it comes to seeing the video.

    I guess some of the attraction could also be simply drama. In the case of roadside crashes anyway, it would simply be the drama of a crash with the garnish of carnage that makes people look. The television news lives off of it and creates it when they have to. Drama is usually so much more, well, dramatic than everyday life, so the contrast is attractive.

    So, what do you think of the blog?

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