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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

A Face Only a Real Mother Could Love

Posted by PintofStout on December 22, 2006

Talk has started quite early about the next presidential election – about two years early.  This premature evaluation may be on account of the predilection of the power-crazed parasitic paragons of unproductive pestilence that usually run for public office to talk about themselves or to beMasks talked about.  That is where the lapdog media come into the picture, sitting at the master’s feet begging for scraps and eager to fetch or roll-over at the master’s command.  NPR has been campaigning for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with stories on Barack Obama’s triumphant entrance into New Hampshire (summon the donkey and palm leaf layers) and surveys and studies about electing a female president.  In the midst of the later story, which was talking candidly about what everybody knows about political campaigns and the superficiality of the whole game, I realized what a sham the whole thing is and what a thin veil disguises the ugly mechanics that lie beneath, just beyond the consciousness of the electorate herd.

In the system of elections and government that we have, framed by the overall general culture of America, candidates struggle to create an image through their speeches, their platform, their appearance, where they appear, and who they appear with.  Their entire lives are staged for effect (usually long before entering the public life).  But as soon as that power they crave is achieved, the golems drop the façade and expose what was behind the image; a black tar-like creature that accumulates as much stuff as it can every time it touches something.  Even with the centuries of countless results and experiences with this sort of thing, the electorate can hear people talk and analyze the candidates’ purposeful, endless shifts in opinion and platform based on political expediency and actually believe it.  It wasn’t but a few weeks ago I heard someone opine about Senator John McCain’s war policy and how for the primaries, when he is appealing to his base (mostly people of similar persuasion), he would take a more aggressive stance, but soften that stance – essentially changing it – for the general election when he has to be more generic for the larger audience.  So how can anybody believe what is said from minute to minute, day to day, and year to year?

There are a very select few who enjoy and actively participate in politics – miraculously those same few who hold those positions of power.  In fact, most people I talk to despise the idea and shallowness of politics.  They can sometimes even scrunch their faces like they just tasted something awful at the mention of politics.  There is a reason politics isn’t polite conversation, and it isn’t because of the arguments that can arise; politics is essentially prostitution; the politicians are whores peddling their influence to do whatever the customer wants if the price is right.  Until we can discuss puss-y sores, prostitutes, and paying for immoral acts in polite company, then politics doesn’t have a chance.

If so many people realize the shallowness and utter meaninglessness of politics and politicians, why then do they rely on these very same people to run their lives (and their neighbors’ lives)?  When the show reaches the finale and they’re laying it on extra thick, people are suddenly blind to the theatrics and buy into the whole game as if it is gospel (no irony intended).  The political process of voting then is reduced to blindly, out of tradition and conditioning, reaching into a bag of snakes and hoping to pull out the one with the smallest fangs or the weakest poison, depending on whether one takes the short or the long view.  The face put on the process and system of government through campaigns and politics often draws more scorn than the system itself, yet it is the face or mask that blinds the victims to the real damage.


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