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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Voting Wastes More Than Just Time

Posted by PintofStout on October 24, 2006

Burning moneyAs the election draws near and our eyes and ears are bleeding and aching from the constant strain of processing so much bullshit, let us take this time to stick our head out of the dung heap we find ourselves buried in and take a good look around. What is really happening here? Are there really benevolent citizens prostrating themselves before the rest of the populace and asking to humbly serve them? The humble servants and humble hopefuls spend a disgusting amount of money trying to convince you of just that, to the tune of almost $1 Billion (with a b) so far (source:[edited to add: projects the total to end up around $2.6 Billion (found the link at Hit&Run)] – and that is just the congressional races! Why spend that much treasure for a thankless servant’s job with long hours while sometimes living several thousand miles away from family (unless, of course, you just move closer, making the concept of geographical representation an even bigger joke)?

The answer is the pariah of political debate: class struggle. These humble citizens hope to break into the elite of the political class (they are likely already part of this class at a lower level). Class struggle has been defined poorly, though loudly, in the past by Marx as being between capital and labor. Konkin defined class correctly, in my opinion, as political and productive. By productive he means either producing or trading in a non-coercive free market to build wealth and use it to survive and thrive. Laboring for someone who has built a savings of capital or collected it via honest, non-coercive means (read without government taint) puts both the laborer and the managing capital in the productive class. The political class is parasitic in that it leeches the value of the productive class and produces nothing; a negative net production in society.

When a person becomes part of the political class or advances within it, they receive a bigger portion of the spoils, all while continuing to produce nothing. The genius of elections lay in that to do a rough cost-benefit analysis for the candidate is easy; they pay next to nothing out of their own spoils and further dip into the productive class who is convinced they may have less production skimmed off (or get some sort of production back, quickly running into the gray area between production and political classes), and once in higher office their wealth increases with a minimal investment. So on top of continuing the functioning of government leeching wealth from the productive class, elections, and indirectly the act of voting that makes elections possible, also leech wealth from the productive class (and also those lower in the political class in search of favors) in the form of contributions from ill-informed productive people and in the form of government funding of such a farce.

The only figure that can make the election spending look any more ridiculous is the budget numbers these clowns toy with. To the political class it is a numbers game. They have no significant investment in any of the wealth, just their position of power; therefore, they only act to preserve their investment. Sadly, even in the jockeying to attain and maintain an exploitative position over the productive class, it is the productive class who pays for it – right down to the lies they are fed and the shovel it is delivered with.


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