Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Nothing New in the News

Posted by PintofStout on October 2, 2006

It was a long ride home with NPR tonight. Between a whacko taking out a school of Amish kids, nobody being safe from Congress, and an old political appointee using precedent to justify breaking the law, I had plenty to say while in the car. Now, a few hours later, I’ll try to get it all down (or should I say keep it all down)!

First, my heart and humanity weep for the victims of an act of pure madness. What could possess a person’s mind to think that killing 11 innocent Amish girls was some sort of solution? For the second time in a week a person wishing to commit suicide has entered a school and killed others before taking their own life. It is a shame they felt the need to take others with them while checking out. In every case, including a third incident not involving a suicide, everyone in the vicinity was disarmed and helpless thanks to the law meant to protect them. I expect the politicians to look busy and try to exploit these unfortunate events to disarm more victims.

Speaking of needing protection from the law, if those working with Congress need protection, what chance does anyone else have? Those in the religious establishment of Congress (The Church of Power and Plunder) had apparently taken a page out of Catholicism’s book and had given the perpetrator a stern warning and hoped the story would go away quitely. It was not to be so. So now the young people working in the body purported to exist to protect the citizens needs protection from the same. This is just another case of not trusting a “shepherd.”

And finally, when John Ashcroft’s mother asked him if he’d follow his friends who had just jumped off a bridge, he must have responded, “If it’s ok for them, it must be ok for me!” In an NPR interview, Ashcroft actually justified warrantless wiretaps and civil liberties abuses by saying that there was a precedent set by other wanna-be despots in other unnecessary wars (which were actually declared legally). When pushed further by the interviewer, he actually said that Bush has tried harder and has been better at preserving civil liberties than, say, Lincoln who suspended Habeus Corpus (I guess the most recent Congressional abomination doesn’t count) and jailed his critics (Judith Miller and Wenyi Wang may argue that point), and even St. Roosevelt (of the Church of Power and Plunder) put Japanese-Americans into internment camps (and we know St. W hasn’t done anything like that or authorized torture or anything). Instead of stretching or breaking the law, Ol’ W had it written into law like a self-made pardon from his power groupies on Capitol Hill. I don’t know what Ashcroft was smoking here, but I’m pretty sure he’d o.k.’d a no-knock raid with the assholes in the ninja suits to keep him from doing it again.

So with that interview, I got out of the car after a long, long ride and wished I still had a beer in the fridge. In the mean time, don’t allow Ashcreep to make money off his first exploitation of you and keep your eye on Congress.


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