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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Sixty Months and Whaddya Get? (Another Dead Soldier and Deeper in Debt)

Posted by PintofStout on September 11, 2006

Just like Katrina of a few weeks ago, a terrible event precipitated by government is relived ad nauseum by the worthless mouthpiece of media. Sensationalized beyond all reason, the lives taken in disaster are taken again to be whored about while instilling fear and blind hatred into the crazed consumers of such tripe. Presidential pomp and parade is nothing but a charade to trade real emotion over human suffering for an excuse to inflict more human suffering at a profit.

The premature deaths of over 3000 people anywhere is tragic to anyone who values human life, but it is an opportunity to those who can benefit from it. Remembering such tragedies on every anniversary in an obscene and public manner, as the leaders of this criminal racquet and the non-self-respecting whores of the media have done is shameful. Mourning and remembrance are for the living to feign the importance of those who are no longer living and to feel again the glorious feelings shared while their loved one was alive. The shared feelings and sensations are truly addicting, and, like any other addiction, the dependence is hard to shake. And like most addictions, these feelings are best kept in privacy, not sensationalized for market share or exploited for political gains.

The favored story among liars, thieves and the blindly obedient is that two airplanes crashing into the top of two buildings caused a chain reaction of sorts that eventually resulted in the cascading of the building down upon itself and its occupants. Through the dust cloud and smoke screen, the vultures of state have swooped and found their prey. A fearful public’s rights and privacy, arguably carrion already, have been picked apart leaving only the bleached bones on frail parchment. Meanwhile, the bumbling, bloated bureaucracy cascades down from the swampy snake pit to pile on to the disaster in a chain reaction of failure and stupidity.

Sixty months of government “solutions” (only solutions for more government) have made us no safer from outside harm. Sixty months have revealed to those willing to look where the real harm threatens from. The evil terrorists, Islamists radicals, have not taken away your rights and your privacy. They have not taken the last shred of dignity while trying to travel. They have not even matched the death toll (in American lives) of the “solution.” The terrorists abroad can only match the terrorists at home in self-righteousness and possibly evil.


3 Responses to “Sixty Months and Whaddya Get? (Another Dead Soldier and Deeper in Debt)”

  1. Glad to see your new blog up and rockin’! 😀

    The title alone of this post deserves a link on Strike the Root next time. And by the way, didja see the second piece of yours that I posted there last week (9/15/06)?

    Hey, what’s with the name change? Sorry you probably won’t make next month’s meetup. 😦


  2. I didn’t even catch last week’s link. I got busy at work, where I do a lot of my surfing, and then proceeded to get rocked while rocking out to the sounds of yankee irish drinking songs by Ceann, so I missed your page last week. I’m always surprised by the posts you choose. They always seem to be the ones that I throw down to get off my chest. Maybe I discount the emotional wrting more than I should.
    I never even thought of the name change stuff. I’ve had pintofstout for email forever, but changed the profile to replace my real name with the Vonnegut character Kilgore Trout. Now the urls tend to be pintofstout where the name registered is Kilgore Trout. I should pick one and keep it to nail down an identity that people can associate with me, I guess.

  3. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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