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Vacation Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Posted by PintofStout on August 2, 2006

Vacation Is Such Sweet Sorrow magnify

Vacation started on Friday at five o’clock with drinks at the bar with coworkers; dollar twenty-five drafts are a good start to everything but sobriety. It felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted and the impending return to work on Monday was nowhere to be found. Saturday was a completely lazy day drinking coffee in cafes and shops reading articles from the Mises Institute – not the dailys, but the long weekend reads – and getting measured for a monkey suit tuxedo for a friend’s wedding. Saturday night found me puttering online and playing Civilization II for many hours (which has commenced after vacation as well; back off the wagon, I guess) and drinking cheap wine out of a bag in a box. Don’t knock the box wine, I think it tastes fine for the price. Sunday was spent in Cleveland at an Irish Festival drinking beer with friends who have returned to the area after two (or three) years at long last. What a great weekend!

The actual vacation was just starting…maybe. Monday left me loafing (I love vacation) and neglecting my already too tall grass. Later on I changed the oil, washed the car and found a hole in one of my tires. A quick plug seemed to work, but I found it leaking a bit while washing the car. I should have had the tire replaced before leaving on a long road trip, but on Tuesday around 11 am when we we’re leaving it still had air, so we departed without a new tire and it was out of my mind.

We made it all the way to Baltimore with a slight detour to Fort Disappointment Necessity with no problems. We had dinner at a microbrewery with cheap drafts (a theme developing?) in the Fell’s Point area of Baltimore (we didn’t drive). So far so good. Wednesday morning after breakfast we returned to the car to find the tire flat. The vacation was now over and the adventure had begun. S__ was a tremendous help, as always, and got his jack and a patch kit to see if we could patch it again. Well, the rails under the car that would hold a jack completely crumbled and nearly put the jack in the back seat and then I snapped a lug off (is that why there are five?). To get the car jacked up we had to use a piece of wood which required me to lift up on the rear of the car to get the jack under it with the extra height of the wood. Once we got everything off and assessed the whole, we used two patches at once just to get the car to the tire store. The patches held to the store, but I had given them the wrong size and they said I had to go to a different store six miles up the road.

While we were in the neighborhood of A__’s place of employment, we were going to stop in to print our directions before going up the road. Unfortunately, we missed the turn and had to go a few blocks into a shady neighborhood to turn around. After turning around we approached a stop light still in the shady neighborhood and heard a pfsst-pfsst-pfssst just before we the light changed to red. We were hoping to make it the two blocks to A__’s workplace, but the red light sunk us. We didn’t make it across the intersection before we riding the rim. As we limped into the Sunoco station a vagrant on a BMX bike promptly informed us our tire was flat and insisted, rebuffing our insistences, on putting on our donut for us. “Na. Na. Don’t get ya hans durty.” I was actually surprised we had a donut and jack in the car, but the tire well was full of water and the jack was rusted closed. After about 15 minutes, a couple of nice arch-like scratches on my door (the guy was probably hanging), and 10 dollars later we were back on the road with a donut and soon after directions.

Once we made it to the tire shop and two tires, two hours, and about $200 later we were on our way to Assateague. (The self-snapped picture with sad faces was in the tire shop). Once arriving the seashore, park and all the sites that came with it were spectacular. We spent nearly the whole day on the beach on Thursday doing absolutely nothing. Ahhh vacation!

We ended up in Shenandoah in a cabin for the remainder of the weekend. A little water bar maintenance and some more sitting around trying to keep cool and we were back on the road to come home.

There are pictures on the album “Vacation 2” on the Yahoo 360 page. Just use the pull down menu and select the right album.


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