Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Sacrificial Shepherds

Posted by PintofStout on June 15, 2006

Well, there was finally some discussion on this here blog recently, and while it seemed kind of vicious, it was just a topic where the views were pretty polarized.  If that’s what it takes to spur discussion, I guess that’s ok.  We can all remain friends (if not fantasy football participants, in some cases).  The issue I bring up today, in a very small window for such writing in my schedule, is something that I’ve been noticing more and more of lately.  I say “noticing” because I’m pretty sure it has gone on for millennia, but it has started bothering me much more lately.

What I’m referring to is the allusion to making sacrifices in pursuit of a goal during rhetorical speeches and sermons.  I first wondered aloud about the people who are encouraging suicide bombers and preaching about the martyrdom in the name of their god and why, if it was such a good, holy idea, weren’t they, who are purported to be holier than the rest, leading by example.  The duplicitous dissemblance of piety to a cause they have no intention of participating in is like a false shepherd leading the flock to the wolves.  I guess this blind obedience to a “leader” is why some call the followers sheeple.

This practice of sacrificing followers – in the name and guise of personal sacrifice, of course – has happened forever.  It may have been sacrificing virgins, which the high priests and holy men who made the rules happen to not be, or sacrificing one’s self in a cause to preserve or spread one’s religion.  But this is not something that is isolated to the ancient and primitive cultures – if you distinguish our culture from being primitive, which would be a feat.

The new religions calling for sacrifice – from all but the leaders making the calls – are “democracy” and “freedom.”  I use the “scare quotes” to symbolize the fact that in a true definition of the terms, the causes du jur are not what they seem, but instead just a tool for exercising power over the herd.  The power these false shepherds are wielding is not physical force, but psychological.  So much effort is spent in discussing and sometimes preparing to free one’s self through some great battle or war, but who fights wars?  The people that we hope to free ourselves from don’t fight wars, and individuals seldom fight wars; only governments engage in wars and the people who do the sacrificing are those fooled into believing in that particular religion.  If the psychological spell were broken on the sacrificial sheep, there would be no one to fight.

But still we listen to the “leaders” of the “free” world (language is basically crap anymore, no?) yammer on about sacrifices of life, treasure, and property (everyone else’s life, treasure and property) from the safety of their forts and heavily guarded offices and think nothing of it.  Civilized?  We are no better than the Aztecs or any other ancient religion which used human sacrifice in the name of their religion.  We shouldn’t let this kind of language and control persist.  Snap out of it!

It is time to think like the individual you are; not a cog in the whole machinery of the State or Military Industrial Complex (same thing, yes?).  If sacrifices are to be made, let the high priests making those calls be the first to go!


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