Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

The War on The War on Drugs

Posted by PintofStout on April 18, 2006

I just saw a commercial or public service announcement or something about meth and how it is bad for everyone or something.  I’m not sure the particular group who put it out, but it could used as a commercial for ending the WOD.  It shows a meth lab with some woman working in it (without a mask or anything) as the narrator explains how the ammonia is affecting the woman, who they call by name.  The camera follows the fumes up through the floor to the upstairs apartment where a young girl is playing.  The narrator then uses the name and says that she doesn’t even know she’s being harmed, referring to the cute little girl playing.

Getting away from the whole “save the children” drivel, it could be said that they were making an argument for legitimizing substances of all kinds.  See, if the person producing the meth in the apartment building, with improper facilities and equipment – not to say anything about knowledge and skill, didn’t have to hide from “authorities,” they could produce the drug in a lab with proper safety and quality controls and not put themselves and others at unnecessary risk.  A drug, any drug, would benefit and be marginally safer if produced in a clean laboratory by professionals.  Unfortunately, the WOD pushes the pushers and users underground and makes already dangerous substances worse.

I doubt the creators of the commercial would approve of a stop of the WOD, but their commercial makes a good argument for it.


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