Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

South Park Calls Out Comedy Central

Posted by PintofStout on April 7, 2006

The new season of South Park is out of the gates stronger than ever.  With the first episode trashing Isaac Hayes and Scientology after a controversy surrounding the actor/singers quitting the show due to religious intolerance (his own), the creators of South Park this time turned their guns of pointed sarcasm closer to home.  In the episode I saw last night (I’m not sure if that was the original airing) Trey Parker and Matt Stone created a parallel situation to their own via a fake episode of equally irreverent cartoon Family Guy.

The Family Guy episode imagined in the South Park scenario depicts, completely out of context of anything else, the image of the prophet Mohammed, which gets censored by FOX in an attempt to avoid a terrorist attack.  But in a move by the writers of Family Guy, a second part to the cartoon is scheduled to air without censorship, which has several parties trying to get the offensive episodes pulled (sounds familiar now, don’t it?).  In a parallel move, the South Park episode becomes a two-parter and calls out Comedy Central, explicitly, to not puss-out and not pull any episodes as they did with last season’s Scientology-scathing Tom Cruise in the closet episode.  I’ve heard said that the best way to fight speech you don’t like is by more speech.  Well, I think Parker and Stone took that to heart and, in my opinion, spoke loud and clear.

See how much fun free speech can be?!!


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