Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Spring Metamorphosis

Posted by PintofStout on March 7, 2006

Spring Metamorphosis magnify

I had written earlier, rather optimistically, about looking on the bright side of the solstice and the seemingly perpetual darkness of winter. Well, now I am writing to say “I told you so.” The first day of spring, marked by the equinox, is still weeks away, but that only symbolizes reaching equilibrium again. I think we should look now at the progress we’ve made to this point. It is brighter during the day, though still cold, and lighter longer. Above all else – this year anyway – I’ve recognized the return of spring by the brightness and not just the temperature. It has been colder in these late days of winter than it has been all winter, yet the spirits are lifted by the brightness of the days.

Some daffodil bulbs are already several inches out of the ground and the encouraging metamorphosis of spring is beginning in nature. I’ve been seeing metamorphosis in other human institutions as well. Here at work it appears there are steps being taken to acknowledge a change from a small company to a more corporate structure, poised for rapid growth and scope. R__ has made major changes to his lifestyle in the form of a diet along with some economic changes. As an external symbol of these changes, he shaved off a long-held mustache. A__, my wife A__’s sister, has undergone changes in her life and, as my wife tells me is a fairly normal practice for women, externalized these changes with a major haircut (It looks grand, A___!).

All these changes around me have gotten me thinking, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I think it may be more appropriate to make spring resolutions. In nature everything is changing around this time, starting over again after a winter slumber, and the change can be felt in the air and in the attitude of nearly everyone; it is a very hopeful time. Resolutions made now will be born amid an atmosphere of hope and optimism, and, I think, they have a much better chance of being meaningful and fulfilled. So embrace the spirit of spring and resolve to make a positive change in yourself. Your spring metamorphosis will likely last longer than any New Year’s Resolution.

Edited to change lillies back to daffodils, as I had it originally before posting. Lillies, like the Star-Gazer lilly in the photo, won’t come up until about mid to late June. The daffodils will be blooming in no time, though.


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