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Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

An unnamed rifle

Posted by PintofStout on March 2, 2006

An unnamed rifle magnify

As you can see from the photo above, my Mosin-Nagant M-44 is a fire-breather. Unfortunately, it has no name as of yet. I didn’t want to name it hastily or poorly, and I wanted it to be a Russian name. I went to the website to find some suitable names. So I’ll post the list and put a poll on the forum to let everyone vote on it.

Here are the names and associated meanings according to the website:

Aleksandra – Feminine form of Alexander meaning Defender of Men (good name for a gun, no?)

Ayn – A form of Anne but here because of a certain bearer of the moniker.

Arina – Variation of Irena meaning Peace.

Arisha – A pet form of Arina.

Marfa – For A__ , I put this on the list. It means mistress of the house.

Serafima – Fiery One (appropriate given the photo.)

Valeriya – meaning to be strong.

Edit: Click on the picture for a larger, clearer picture.


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