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A Weekly Reading List

Posted by PintofStout on January 31, 2006

On the main page of my 360 site is a section entitled My Groups.  This lists the Yahoo Groups I belong to.  I want to direct everyone’s attention to the ERevN… group.  This is a weekly note that lists several articles from the past week that would interest the individualist.  It is a nice little greatest hits of articles that helps to sort through the barrage of such articles one may find in this particular vein.  Many of the sites listed are in my blogroll (bottom-left of the blog page).

One article, in particular, that I found enlightening is from last week’s note.  It was written by Justin Raimondo from  It was entitled World War IV – A Realistic Scenario.  The main subject indicated in the title is a usual anti-war rant, which isn’t to say it isn’t worth a read, but the small point I enjoyed most about it was the bit about war propaganda.  How your leaders dehumanize the enemy to make them seemed like crazed lunatics and subhuman animals.  They scare the people with tales of how vicious and terrifying the enemy is.  The combination of these characterizations makes it ok to kill them and in large numbers.

History is replete with examples from our very own United States.  While trying to bring “democracy and self-government” to the people of the Philippines, the government portrayed them as poor savages that we were going to Christianize and bring democracy to.  (Sounds familiar doesn’t it.  With the exception of actual saying explicitly our goal to Christianize Iraq, which may not fly in today’s society, we are “liberating” the Iraqis and bringing them a democratic government (by killing them in large quantities).  James Bovard blogged about another article referencing a chapter in his new book talking about the past attempts at the US’s benevolence.)  Look at a cartoon from World War II of the Japanese and you’ll see them depicted as almost animal-like savages.  The terrorists are today portrayed as unpredictable, uncontrollable savages we’d be lucky to stop, who’s only goal is to attack us – unprovoked – and kill every last person on the planet.  Is this characterization true, or is it serving a purpose?

After reading the article, listen to the State of the Union tonight to hear more dehumanization of the Muslims (all Muslims) and how we are bringing freedom to the Iraqis – one bomb at a time.


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