Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

Truth in Taxation

Posted by PintofStout on January 16, 2006

For the last few years I have filed my taxes with TurboTax, which, after it is all said and done tells you your effective tax rate.  I think it usually tells me around 6 or 7 percent.  Yeah, right!  A quick glance at my W-2 for 2005 reveals a whopping 17% confiscation rate!  That was including my federal income tax, social security tax, medicare tax, state income tax, and some measly state unemployment/disability insurance.  The funny part is TurboTax only counts the federal income tax.  I only counted the taxes (meaning money confiscated regardless of the guise or ruse used to justify it, not necessarily those blatantly called “taxes”) listed on the W-2, meaning they took it before I ever knew I had it.  If I counted the “taxes” including property taxes, school taxes, sales tax, vehicle registration, the taxes on vehicle registration, mandatory insurance, sales taxes, taxes on utilities and cell phones, etc, gas taxes, and the arbitrary and invisible tax of inflation, I would wager the effective tax rate would approach 50%!

The only thing approaching the deceitfulness of our whole tax system is the fact that they just take it.  Imagine our taxes weren’t withheld (under threat of force against our employers) and we had to cut a check once or even twice a year for 17% of what you made; thousands of dollars all at once. Now imagine we did this the month before an election.  I think things would change right quick or else another revolution revolt (I almost forgot) would change it.  Imagine the candidate trying to justify billions of dollars worth of pork and fluff projects to an angry mob who just cut a sizeable check to pay for such thievery.  There is always the possibility that most of the taxes would go unpaid, which was the reason for withholding in the first place.  Think that would shrink the government back into its Constitutional cage?  Unfortunately, the American people have an attention span about as long as it takes to change the channel on the television.

Even with the automatic withholding, the government, through the IRS and the tax court, lead us all to believe that we all owe these hideous payments – if only to keep the jackals at bay.  Much has been written in regards to the income tax and withholding and why most people don’t owe or shouldn’t be required to file, but even the majority of people who believe these explanations don’t act upon them to free themselves out of fear of losing what they already have.  If someone believes they don’t owe and still pays out of fear, what chance is there for anybody else to overcome the fear of the dreaded IRS?  It all sounds like extortion to me, on a very large scale; “protection” money.  Well, in December I told the Fed to kiss my ass, and in a few weeks or months they’ll either kiss it or kick it, but regardless, I will hold my head high knowing I wasn’t going to be intimidated and bullied.  If they want to steal from me, they’ll have to work for it.

Do yourselves a favor and look into your tax liability.  It’s a bad idea to take someone else’s word for it, especially if you’re wearing a red hood and the advice is that of a wolf.

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