Murphy\’s Bye-Laws

Law #4: Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. –H.D. Thoreau

It Goes Without Saying…But I’ll Say It Anyway

Posted by PintofStout on January 4, 2006

While overhearing a news story about Mr. Abramoff, I thought I heard the reporter state that it was shocking the number of Congresscritters that were caught in the corruption scandal.  Now, I don’t usually fault the media for being too stupid, naïve, scared, or otherwise to actually report something negative against Big Brother, but come on.  A scandal?!!  In Congress?!!  And the news and the public-at-large are going to let it slide?!! Why, I’m shocked…about as shocked as if I woke up tomorrow and heard about some bombing in Iraq.

There’s no point in being shocked by these revelations…well, maybe the fact that they got caught, but that just means that someone else is using them to make political gains.  All Congressthings are crooks.  If they weren’t they wouldn’t be good Congressthings and bring the loot home to their state or district.  In fact, all the government employees are crooks.  They all get paid out of the government coffers, which was hard-earned by everyone else.  Sure, they may provide a service, but you don’t see Krispy Crème stealing from you and giving you stale donuts in return, do you?  Whatever the service, I, nor hardly anyone else for that matter, never volunteered (explicitly) to pay for such a service nor got our choice of a better, cheaper alternative.  No, it’s just like it or lump it.  Here’s your stale donut.

Acting shocked that someone of this class of people would actually use their position for personal or professional gain is ludicrous.  They same thing has been going on for millennia.  The incidents vary in degree and frequency, but if we chased down all of them, we’d have to throw most of the city of Washington D.C. in jail.  Sounds like a good start.  Just don’t act shocked.  It patronizes us and makes you look stupid.


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